Things you might want to know...

What is the purpose for this kind of tool ?

This audio watermark is a great tool which will help you to protect you online music, With The ‘AG watermark generator’ your workflow will be more faster and efficient.
Through this new tool you can create a watermarked preview files much easily and by doing so, this guarantees the safekeeping of your online music files when being uploaded to the web. Be it soundcloud, Youtube, Online music store or any other music sharing platforms used for sales.

What does batch processing mean ?

AG watermark generator gives you the ability to process more than just one file at a time, Just drag & drop as many files as you like and you are good to go.

for more info check out this tutorial : Batch Processing Tutorial

Can I merge all my files to just one long preview file?

If you are an Envato – Audiojungle author you probably know this issue, You have all your tracks versions ready to upload but the only thing you are left to do is to merge all the files into this one long audio watermarked preview file. So now with AGwatermark Generator its really easy than ever to make this kind of preview file.

just check out this Tutorial about : Merge Files

Can I use multiple input and watermark files which have different sample-rates ?

At the moment AG Watermark generator does not support different sample-rates or different number of channels within the audio files. We are planning to support this feature in one of our next versions.

How can i adjust the Watermark volume level?

For this version there is no way to adjust the watermark level but its highly recommend to make several presets by your own which have different dB levels, for example

  1. MyWatermark 0DB .mp3
  2. MyWatermark +6DB .mp3
  3. MyWatermark -6DB .mp3


Can I add more than one Waterkmark file ?

Of course, AG watermark Generator support multi Watermark files, Just add your Watermark files (keep it 4 sec long) and keep in mind that it will be processed by the order you have placed the watermark files, If you like to change the order just use the Down/Up buttons.

Why do I need a preview file player ?

We wanted to make it more easier for you to listen to the tracks before continuing with the file process, Please note that it will not preview the file with your chosen watermark file, Only your original tracks.

How can I make my own presets ?

The presets are really easy to make,

be sure you have all your settings the way you need them to be, Start time –> Repeat time –> Output file format –> Output file name. Than go to the preset section, choose “new” and just press the “save” button.

For more info please check out this tutorial : Presets

Why do I need to purchase a license ?

Only registered users can use tracks that are longer than 1 min.

Why Im getting "sox.exe FAIL" ?

This error may appear when you are  trying to mix two different audio files format (44,1 khz , 48khz , 96 khz).

Yes but why? Well, Think of it like trying to combine 2 different file formats like PDF+JPEG for example.

In order to fix this issue, Please make sure that your files have the same Sample rate and bit rate for both tracks and watermark files.(if your original tracks are WAV 48KHz so the watermark files should be also the same sample rate etc..

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