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More About AG Watermarking Tool

AG Watermark Generator is an intuitive program that enables you to insert an audio signature in the tracks you compose. The software allows you to insert audio fragments in your songs that play on top of the original sound, thus creating an audio watermark. It is easy to use and ensures an accurate preview of the result.

Audio signature for your songs

When you wish to publish or sell your music on the Internet, there are a few ways to add protection to it. Adding an audio watermark allows you to alter the song enough so that it cannot be used without authorisation. The track can still be listened to, as preview for the original piece.
An audio watermark is a short piece that you can merge into the original track in order to personalize it. With AG Watermark Generator, the piece cannot be more than 4 seconds long and can be repeated every 5 seconds, 10 or 15 seconds, depending on how much you wish to restrict the song.
Most watermarks temporarily cover the song, thus interrupting it, but with AG Watermark Generator, the piece can play simultaneously with the original track.

Watermark configuration

AG Watermark Generator allows you to add several audio files to serve as watermark and play successively with the original track. You may choose the offset for the watermark, as well as the repetition interval.
When configuring the output file, you may choose to apply the watermark to each file in the list, then save them as individual songs or to merge the output files. Moreover, you may adjust the audio quality, output folder and a prefix/suffix for automatically renaming the results.

Preview your Watermark files mix volume.

AG Watermark Generator allows you to preview your watermark mix volume before you start your batch processing.

For summary:

AG Watermark Generator allows you to add a layer of protection to your songs, by inserting an audio signature within the original track. This way, you can make sure your file is protected against intellectual property theft since you can personalize it with the mark of the author. Please note that the watermark cannot be longer than 45 seconds..



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